thoughts are a terrible thing to waste so I've decided to write them down.


An Ode to Ethics Ethics are weak Integrity is strong Ethics are external Integrity comes from within The weak hide behind ethical guidelines created to protect them from blame. The strong rely on integrity created by a well formed conscience. Ethics are slow to act and quick to change. Integrity is quick to act and […]

Quote of the day

St. Ignatius of Loyola If you seek peace and tranquility, you will certainly not find them so long as you have a cause for disturbance and turmoil within yourself.

Crowds ≠ Tribes

Crowds are… created by an event or external stimulus of some kind heterogeneous are created and disolved frequently fleeting and chaotic to be manipulated, herded and controlled Tribes are… formed by the sharing of beliefs, values, or interests homogeneous are long lived and grow with time enduring and organized to be lead, facilitated and respected […]

On Mobile Blogging

Let my thumbs do the talking I have been asking myself why it is so hard to find time to sit and write. I thought it was a convenience thing, since I often don’t have my computer with me when I get inspired. So I downloaded WordPress for the iPhone. It’s an ok app, I […]

Fool me once…

It seems like every day I get 2 or 3 new followers on twitter who have 16,000+ followers and seem to be very important but never tell you what they do exactly. They say that they can help my business grow and that they have loads of expertise helping clients grow their business but never […]