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Fool me once…

May 23, 2010 - Posted in Uncategorized

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It seems like every day I get 2 or 3 new followers on twitter who have 16,000+ followers and seem to be very important but never tell you what they do exactly. They say that they can help my business grow and that they have loads of expertise helping clients grow their business but never exactly how and they tweet every 4 second so I am never sure how they have time to do any work anyway. Every time I get followed by one of these professional twitterers I am reminded of this guy who was able to become a household name by duping unsuspecting newscasters on several different channels.

It seems that twitter has been some kind of social fertilizer that has helped these “consultants” grow in number with increasing speed and I am curious to know if any are actually making money. I suppose with little capital needed to put up a blog and a twitter account the profit potential is high, only a few clients are needed, and with social media becoming an increasing popular buzzword for marketers there are lots of people to take advantage of out there.

I hope my cynicism is unwarranted and that these are legitimate businesses helping people because it makes me very angry to see people getting taken advantage of especially in the economic climate we find ourselves in currently.

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