thoughts are a terrible thing to waste so I've decided to write them down.

Quote of the day

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly” No it’s not a typo this is the actual quote and I agree. If it is truly worth doing then it is worth doing regardless of how good you are at doing it. Don’t be afraid to just get started. We all fail sometimes but we also wins […]

Social Media Stats

So I was looking for some social media stats the other day for a marketing plan that I am helping with and I came across this video. Even being in this industry and seeing all of the companies that are a twitter, pun intended, with social media, I was still surprised to see some of […]

Social Media vs Poetry

In the days of old when few were literate and being published meant hours of hand copying or adjusting movable type there was a value on words. Poets agonized over each and every word and created masterpieces of language which had the ability to convey intense emotions or create visualizations of beautiful scenes of lands […]

My first post

As I delete the Lorum Ipsum from the test post at 11:09 tonight I think about all that is left to be done. So many small details still left to attend to in this theme and in my life. I sympathize with those who embark on the journey of building a house themselves knowing that there are millions of small details requiring decisions to be made [...]