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Social Media Stats

May 7, 2010 - Posted in Uncategorized

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So I was looking for some social media stats the other day for a marketing plan that I am helping with and I came across this video. Even being in this industry and seeing all of the companies that are a twitter, pun intended, with social media, I was still surprised to see some of these numbers.

Know one knows if social media as we know it will stand the test of time but what we do know is that we can’t wait around and see. I for one, feel strongly that we have only seen the tip of the ice burg in facebook and twitter. Powered by ever increasing amounts of cheap bandwidth and more powerful and smaller hardware it seems that our imagination is the only limit to the type of social interaction that the web can facilitate.

To my future kids… Remember that your boss can see that High Def 3D video of last weekend’s keg stand on YouTube posted by your roommate with his iPhone.

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