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Social Media vs Poetry

April 17, 2010 - Posted in Uncategorized

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Social Media vs Poetry

In the days of old when few were literate and being published meant hours of hand copying or adjusting movable type there was a value on words. Poets agonized over each and every word and created masterpieces of language which had the ability to convey intense emotions or create visualizations of beautiful scenes of lands never scene before. Such poems have endured the ages and have impacted the world, inspireing, encourageing, and enriching the lives of countless audiences.

Enter social media. Today words are cheap and have therefor become disposable. The 140 characters you just composed lasted but a moment in the twitter streams of those who call themselves followers. And even the breif moment your tweet existed was shared with 9 other tweets about the weather and lunch time meals. I morn the days of undivided attention and I grieve at the thought of devaluation of the word.

In this life words are all we have. They connect us with the world around us and they will be here when we are gone. I for one will choose wisely and will strive to make an impact with each word I contribute to the massive conversation we call the internet.

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